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What is Phermone Oil?

Pheromones are chemicals released in a variety of ways by animals to communicate something to other animals of the same species. This message may be, "I'm ready to mate," or "Stay away from my territory," or "Watch out, there is a predator near by." All animals from small insects to large fish seem to have the ability to produce and perceive these powerful chemical messengers.

The Pheromones Test

As part of an experiment, nine women at a lounge in Manhattan were blindfolded and asked to select a date by sniffing scent strips. The men were given 3 diffent strips. One with their favorite cologne. One with a random natual oil scent and one with our custom pheromone oil. The women believed it was a diffent man each time. It was the same three guys using different scent strips.

custom phermone massage oil

Will it get me laid?

Works better than alcohol to get hot women in the mood to explore their wild side! More importantly, you become the object of her sexual desires. Also used by massage therapists to get their clients in the mood for a "little more" than massage.

The response from women is intense! Our custom pheromone blend helps you bend the rules of attraction in your favor. You may already know, scent is the strongest sense tied to memory. Why not keep her thinking about you ever after you are gone?

I was a hopeless wreck when it came to seducing girls but that was before I found out about Sexual Attraction Lab's Influence pheromones oil. Now I'm the life of the party. This product has completely changed my life for the better. Couldn't be anymore happier.

Steve, California

My boss is a woman and before I started applying some drops of Influence everyday she would always be on my case about my performance. After my strong pheromones have taken over her senses she has promoted me to the head of my department. Now I'm calling the shots!

Randy, Texas